Other Services Offered

Cash Advance and Other Financing Options

We can bring several companies to the table to offer your business the best option for small businesses financing. It is quick and flexible. Our business cash advances convert your future credit and debit receipts into immediate cash. Repayments are based on a fixed percentage of these future receipts rather than a fixed monthly payment. Our advances are cash flow-friendly, so we don’t get paid until you get paid! There is also the option of total deposit advance which looks at revenue base on deposits going into your business bank account. There are more options than mentioned. We find out what your needs are and your business situation and find the best solution for your business.

Gift Cards

Attract new business, enhance customer relationships and increase revenues. Add value to your business with a customer-centric gift and loyalty program. Our customized offerings allow you to select the card design, stored value, currency, expiration dates and more.

  • Complimentary Cards: Great when used as a Thank You or in response to a poor customer experience
  • Promotional Cards: Perfect for specials, promos or sales events
  • Merchandise Return Cards: Optional method of handling customer/store credits

Loyalty Program

Attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. Put a loyalty program to work for your business today.

  • Drive Repeat Business
  • Enhance Customer Relationships
  • Improve Your Brand Perception
  • Increase Overall Sales

69% of consumers say their choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer loyalty reward points (source: maritz) Design a customized loyalty program for your business.

  • Point Rewards: Customers earn points or rewards based on the amount they spend
  • Frequency Rewards: Customers receive a free or discounted item once they’ve reached a predetermined type and quantity of purchases
  • Discount Rewards: Customers get an immediate, fixed discount when they present their loyalty card

Check Processing

Are you interesting in accepting checks but without assuming the inherent risks? We offer the ability to set-up a check processing account allowing merchants to authorize a check within seconds and without any specialized equipment. Another benefit of our check processing service is that it allows you to accept checks without having to purchase any specialized equipment. You run the check verification directly through your credit card terminal, over the phone or through the Internet.

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