Omnichannel Retail – What is it and Why?

Customers want more than most retailers are able to offer. Modern consumers want to buy online but pick up or return at the store. They want to browse product information on their laptop or [...]


More Junk Fees

They just keep coming. A new junk fee I recently came across. I am often asked what is your rate? It’s not about one rate, one needs to look at the sum of the total. Here is another example of [...]


Your Business Needs A Gift Card Program-Here’s Why

How About More Revenue! You know you have a great product you offer to customers, then why not let them purchase a gift card to give to a friend? Build loyalty too. Promotional give away. Use for [...]


Dirty Little Secret Of Equipment Leasing – Part Three

To add to this subject and mention new information, a law suit was filed recently by the Attorney General of New York.  Read more on the link provide below. The company involved is Northern [...]


Don’t Get “Squared” by Square

I am noticing more and more merchants using Square for processing their credit cards.  On the surface, Square may seem like a good option and for some it may be.  If you are just starting out and [...]


Never Ask For Credit Card Numbers to Be Emailed

Best Practices – Never Ask For Credit Card Numbers To Be Emailed As a business that accepts credit cards, never ask for a credit card number to be emailed. If you provide a form for a [...]