Spring 2018 Interchange Update

 In credit card processing, Interchange

Just as sure as spring weather and flowers are blooming, it’s time you may be “hosed” by your credit card processing service provider. This is because it is the time of year the card brands release and adjust the interchange fee schedule. When this happens, many of the credit card processing companies will use this as an excuse to adjust their fees. While we cannot do anything about any increase in the base cost (interchange reimbursement) of taking credit cards, we can maintain our processing cost of our clients’ accounts. We see this time of most of our competitors as an excuse for increasing the fees they charge. We have posted an example to show you what we mean:


Let us help you. We can review your account with no obligation to determine your savings with our pricing model & eliminating the junk fees others will charge you.

If you have questions about this subject or other concerns related to Point of Sales Systems or credit card processing, contact us anytime via email info@tampabaymerchantservices.com or call us at 727-916-7294

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