Omnichannel Retail – What is it and Why?

Customers want more than most retailers are able to offer. Modern consumers want to buy online but pick up or return at the store. They want to browse product information on their laptop or smartphone, get coupons or discount codes, even make a purchase on their mobile phone while in a store. New consumers are naturally combining channels as they browse, research and buy.

With 90% of consumers researching products online before they buy and 25% of shoppers buying online after they’ve experienced and touched the items in-store, the path to purchase is no longer a straight line. Today’s tech savvy consumer demands flexibility from retailers as they drift from in-store to mobile to online and back again. The age of the brick-and-click is here and retailers need to catch this wave or get washed away as more and more of their competitors adopt the agile omnichannel model of retail.

In an omnichannel world, retailers can combine data from every transaction and interaction, from any channel, into a unique individual file for each customer. Customer records can include previous in-store and online purchases, deliveries made, coupons used, gift cards purchased, comments on social media, phone interactions – anything and everything that can be used to gain deeper insight into customer behavior patterns.

With a better understanding of their customers, retailers will benefit from higher customer satisfaction, which will ultimately result in more sales and brand loyalty. Being open for business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, frees customers once bound by the dated constraints of store hours. This gives them added opportunities to interact with your brand on their own time and allows you to literally ring up sales while you sleep.

We have an affordable solution for retailers which give the best of both worlds. An integrated system means that retailers will be able to streamline their operations, saving time and effort with joint reporting, a unified inventory, and centralized sales information.

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